Protect your family from radioactive gas

Looking to reduce radon levels in your home? You've come to the right place. First, we can run detailed diagnostics to determine if your home has high levels of radon. If we find unhealthy levels, we can get to work removing the gas from your home and keeping it out.

Some common radon removal methods include:

  • Crawl space homes get SUBMEMBRANE DEPRESSURIZATION, Which is putting a suction pipe under the crawlspace vapor barrier to pull gases outside and exhaust them over the roof. ¬† Vapor barrier must be in good shape or replaced and sealed to walls, columns and at seams.
  • Basement and Slab homes get a SU- SLAB DEPRESSURIZATION ¬†Which is coring a hole below the concrete slab and removing 5 Gallon or more of the media to create a suction well and from there pipe it outside to a vacuum fan and over the roof.